Week 5 – Reflections

This week has been a little more challenging, yet the most interesting. Opinions. Yes, this week was a real reality check to me. There is psychology in everything we do.  Meaning, how we behave and act. Good or bad.  Good and bad habits. I am more of an observer and a good listener. I have found it works best to first stop and think. After taking time to pause, then respond in the form of a question. For example, “what did you think of the game the other night?” I am first so inclined to comment, but I pause and say, “well what did you think of the game?” I’ve noticed people won’t respond back with another question. Rather, they will just comment on their opinion. I’ve noticed when giving an opinion it seems it is about “me”, “me”, and “me.” When we listen more, we’re more focused on what “we” can offer and help other people. Don’t worry folks this is a work in progress (WIP) for me too! As Mark J says, embrace your challenges. 🙂

I noticed this week I did the sit better than any week. I could focus better. Additionally, I found that doing more tasks was easier and I felt more confident. The service cards do help very much. The little things make a “BIG” difference.

Today, at approximately 1:00 PM, I was in my vehicle parked of course, and decided to pull aside and read scroll I. Guess what I did? I waived to a person I know with the book in my hand. This stuff is attached to me. Also, on my DMP I am living in Florida and I subconsciously bought Suave Ocean Breeze Body wash..go figure lol!

As far as my press release, I thought it was very exciting. I felt like I already had everything accomplished. I was there in Florida interviewing with SportsCenter’s Stuart Scott explaining my passion as a key leader that helped people (Christian Athletes) in prayer, competed in sporting events and volunteered with Habitat of humanity. The abundance in my life came. It was balanced with spiritual growth, helping others, true health, legacy, autonomy, liberty and recognition for creative expression. Yes, this is all the PPN’s! 😉  yahoo avatar


17 thoughts on “Week 5 – Reflections

  1. Yes! Many people LOVE expressing their opinion, even if no one is really listening! I’m glad to know you are a natural listener- you will gain so much insight from that skill! Florida- I lived there as a kid for awhile- exciting for you!!

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  2. I enjoyed reading your post. Loved the book wave. I’m going to use that one. Looks like you love the water and fishing? My passion is to be able to by back my time and spend more time fishing and boating. I live by Cayuga Lake, one of the Finger Lakes, by Ithaca NY. Spend a lot of time on Lake Ontario….love the water. Now I know where I can come visit when the snow hits us…lol.

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